Allowing us to provide professional services to the following fields: Tourism industry, airline service, food industry, healthcare etc

20,000 square metres of floor space fitted with ceramic tiles so as to ensure the best hygienic and ease of maintenance conditions.

Our maintenance team has followed comprehensive training with yearly technical visits from our main equipment suppliers from Germany, Belgium, France, Japan and the USA ensuring that all equipment is kept in top working conditions.

Our main automatic lines (loading/washing/conditioning/ drying) are linked by modem units to our main suppliers in Europe so that they can intervene directly on the computer controlled systems if necessary.


The plant has two transformers with inter switching facilities in case of breakdown or maintenance.

The same applies to our electricity distribution system; we have two main distribution panels enabling parts of the factory to be isolated at any time.

Furthermore, the factory is equipped with 5 diesel electricity generators totalising 2300 kw in capacity, enabling the plant to run at full capacity in case of power failure from the CEB.

We have progressively changed the majority of our lighting to low energy source in our quest for a more eco friendly environment. In the same line of thought, a heat exchange system has been installed, enabling us to heat our water with steam condensate and flash steam, thus reducing fuel consumption on our boilers.


The factory is equipped with the latest water filtering plant and has 1500 m3 or storage capacity for processing.
An additional 45 kw electricity generator is dedicated to water pumps in case of mains power failure.

Our plant at Cassis run on a main 10 ton per hour capacity John Thompson steam boiler backed up by three standby oil fired units (8, 4 and 3 tons capacity) in case of breakdown or maintenance. Furthermore, a steam header has been installed, enabling us to isolate any part(s) of the factory for more efficient supply.

The factory is equipped with two air supply plants and inter switching to different production areas in case of breakdown or whenever maintenance is required.


All our chemical formulations are designed by recognised international suppliers. Chemicals in liquid form are distributed by fully automatised electric pumping stations and every processing unit is supplied by computer controlled electronic dosing units.


Our plant at Cassis is operational 7 days a week all year round. We have a workforce of 325 persons with 105 expatriates from India that are hosted on site in a building across the road from the factory. The accommodation facilities are top standard with new extensions/floors built when the building was purchased. We have also 100 administrative staff in our management/technical /clerical team to ensure the coordination and smooth running of operations.

Dry Cleaning Services has been in the business for 63 years and key management personnel have more than 25 years of experience with a range of 5 to 25 years of experience for the work force.

Our average production capacity is 50 tons per day with peaks of over 60.


A team of 15 technicians trained by our main equipment suppliers ensure the proper operation of our machines. We also have the required stock of spare parts and essential consumables for the smooth running of our plant.


We have a fleet of 39 trucks.

In addition a vehicle technical/maintenance team of 4 ensures the proper servicing of our fleet on site. This, plus the number of vehicles available, allow us to react very quickly with regards to any breakdown and swift vehicle replacement.
We also ensure the transport of the majority of our workforce with our own vehicles. This system provides us with maximum flexibility in case of production emergencies and ensures that the workforce is on time at their place of work.


Dry Cleaning Services Ltd fully complies with all the recommendations of OSHA. We have 2 registered Health and Safety Officers and Health & Safety Committees are held every two months. Regular Health & Safety audits are carried out in the factory and consultants are invited to deliver talks/explanations/ training on numerous issues like safe driving, fire fighting etc… Protective equipment is issued to employees depending upon the nature of their job and in house/on job training is carried out on health and safety issues.
A network of cameras linked to a central control office monitors the whole plant.
The whole factory is protected from fire hazards by automated detection units.